Octagon Wildlife Sanctuary

We are CLOSED  to visitors until further notice.
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Our Beloved Residents

Some of our residents over the years have been cousins to native Floridians such as black bears, panthers, bobcats, and various bird and reptile species.  Other residents, whose relatives come from distant lands, can be found on endangered, threatened, or vulnerable species lists.  Those species who reside with us today are the Amur Leopard (Russian Far East/Northern China), the Serval (Africa), the Brown Bear (Europe/Asia/North America), the Asian (Himalayan) Black Bear, the Bengal Tiger (Southern Asia), and the Ocelot (US/Central &South Americas) just to name a few.

None of our animals have been taken from the wild!!!  They ALL have come from abused, injured, or unwanted situations.  Many are 17 to 20 year generations of being born, raised and sold in captivity to be someone's "pet" and or "business".

Click on the image of a species category below view our current residents living the rest of their lives peacefully with the utmost care and love.










Small Cats


Jake's surprise visit on his 4th birthday.

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